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=== Changelog RecBinUnit v1 ===

ATTENTION! This unit is not developed anymore.
           Please use the new version RecBinUnit2.pas , which is Object-oriented.

2022-06-30 ("Special release for important bug fixes", although it is not supported anymore!)
+ Added support for $Ixxx "Vista" format 2 files (added somewhere in a Windows 10 build)
  The difference towards $Ixxx "Vista" format 1 files is that the filename is not limited to MAX_PATH anymore. (New limit 0xFFFFFFFD)
+ Added XP Theme to the demo application
+ Unicode Ready
+ 64 bit Ready
+ Fixed RecyclerGetAPIInfo issue in for 64 bit (TSHQueryRBInfo struct had to be 8 byte aligned for x64)

2016-07-01 (current version)
+ RecyclerRemoveItem() does now correctly delete directories.


+ Added support for Windows NT4:
  a) Allowing INFO(1) files in SID-based recycle bins
  b) Allowing to convert SIDs using NTDLL, if ADVAPI32 fails


+ Made several changes to the source code
+ Vista/7 recycle bins and INFO/INFO2 recycle bins can be now both be found and listed (if you are using multiboot). The OS will not be checked.
+ Application doesn't crash at Windows Vista/7 when checking impossible disks like A:
+ Fully Windows 7 compatibility!


+ Added 3 group policy getters and modified the auto-determinate-getters
+ Added RecyclerIsPossible


+ Windows 95 compatibility
  API function call is now dynamic


+ Windows 2003 Server Edition now supported.
  Uses now API functions for ShellState structure.