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=== Changelog RecBinUnit v2 ===

+ Added support for $Ixxx "Vista" format 2 files (added somewhere in a Windows 10 build)
  The difference towards $Ixxx "Vista" format 1 files is that the filename is not limited to MAX_PATH anymore. (New limit 0xFFFFFFFD)
+ RecyclerListing.exe (Demo application) marks missing physical files (happens for Vista format very often)
  and can hide them
+ Added XP Theme to the demo application
+ Demo application: Feature to open a file or directory by double-clicking!
+ Unicode Ready
+ 64 bit Ready
+ Fixed TRbDrive.GetAPIInfo issue in for 64 bit (TSHQueryRBInfo struct had to be 8 byte aligned for x64)

+ Fixed memory leak in SID-Unit (thanks to Mikkao for finding this bug)

+ MaxCapacity can now be retrieved in absolute and relative units.
  MaxCapacity and NukeOnDelete is now finally Windows Vista compatible.

+ Added property VolumeGUIDAvailable
+ Demo: Added possibility to add manual entered recyclers
+ Demo: Added icons

+ Due to new information: Renamed some class names, e.g.
    TRbInfo1Item into TRbInfoAItem
    TRbInfo2Item into TRbInfoWItem
+ Added more information by adding comments and
  included an Excel spreadsheet.
+ CheckIndexes now handles INFO and INFO2 files equally.   
+ NEW FEATURE: "Tolerant reading" (default: true)
  to allow index files which are corrupted by an incompatible
  multiboot constellation to be read.
+ TRbInfoAItem.GetPhysicalFile will now choose the
  first AnsiSource letter instead of the DriveIdentification DWORD.

+ Initial release