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* Compatible with WinRAR and other software (Stub is small enough)
* Compatible with Linux' UnZip (No Warnings!)
* Compatible with AuthentiCode
* Compatible with Windows 7
* Compatible with Windows 95
* Accepts encrypted files (currently only ZIP 2.0 Standard)

Currently not supported

* AES-Encryption (128, 256 Bit)

Current overhead

458 KB (Delphi 2006)


Press ESC to cancel.

The program waits 1 second before starting extraction (Prevention of malicious
AutoRun's, which call the creator SFX in an infinite loop)

Structure of a ViaThinkSoft AutoSFX Archive

1. Extractor [UPX'ed]
   includes DelZip190.dll (B4) as Resource
2. ZIP (Offset adjusted)
   File comment includes "ViaThinkSoft AutoSFX Archive"
3. Optional: Authenticode Certificate


1. Extract DelZip DLL into TempDir
2. Extract contents directly
3. Open the extracted data and/or execute special AutoRun.inf (see below)
4. Delete the DLL from TempDir


ZIP has 1 file
        => Extract DIRECTLY in the specified directory
        Is it a directory?
                => Open the new directory in Windows Explorer
        is it a file?
                => Open Windows Explorer and select the new file.
ZIP has 2+ files
        => Create a directory with the name of the SFX and extract into it
        => Open the new created directory in Windows Explorer

Semantic archive comment

The extractor looks into the file comment to determinate the behavior
while unzipping. YOU can influence the behavior when creating your
ZIP files.

Following switches are possible:

  C_ASFX_CB_OVR = 'AutoSFX Conflict Behavior: Overwrite all';
  C_ASFX_CB_NEW = 'AutoSFX Conflict Behavior: Overwrite older';
  C_ASFX_CB_ASK = 'AutoSFX Conflict Behavior: Ask';
  C_ASFX_CB_AVO = 'AutoSFX Conflict Behavior: Avoid'; (default)

  C_ASFX_CP_BEF = 'AutoSFX Comment Presentation: Before extracting';
  C_ASFX_CP_AFT = 'AutoSFX Comment Presentation: After extracting';
  C_ASFX_CP_NON = 'AutoSFX Comment Presentation: None'; (default)

  C_ASFX_FC_THS = 'AutoSFX Extraction Target: Extract here'; (default)
  C_ASFX_FC_DSK = 'AutoSFX Extraction Target: Extract to Desktop';
  C_ASFX_FC_ASK = 'AutoSFX Extraction Target: Choose directory';

Note: If you are running the SFX from a CD-Rom, a write-protected
directory or a flobby (doesn't matter if it is write-protected!),
the extraction "Here" will be ignored and converted into "Desktop".

Note: "Avoid" means that an alternative file/foldername will be

Special AutoRun.inf

Operation=open                  ; Part of ShellExecute. Usually 'open' or 'runass' (e.g. for admin privilegies)
FileName=AutoRun.exe            ; The filename to be executed
Parameters=                     ; Optional parameters
Directory=                      ; Optional Working directory
ShowCmd=                        ; (See MSDN Reference) Usually WS_NORMAL or WS_HIDE
OpenUnzippedContent=true        ; After we have opened the application, should we still show the extracted data in Windows Explorer? (Default behavior if not AutoRun is set)

More information about the first 5 values:

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